Dance Classes

Tired of the treadmill but need to tone up? Try dance classes!

Want to get fit and enjoy yourself, but prefer to avoid the solitary monotony of a gym or a running track? Want to learn something new and step outside your comfort zone?

Dance classes are the answer. Not only will you improve your overall fitness, you’ll tone up too, and increase your core strength. You’ll find you use muscles you never knew you had – much better for you than pounding away on concrete.

As an added benefit, dancing is a sociable thing to do, making classes a wonderful way to meet people. Turning up alone might be a bit daunting but you’ll forget your self-consciousness five minutes into the lesson.

Latin Dance Classes

Whatever you’re into, whether it’s learning to twirl like a sultry Tango superstar or getting hot and sweaty with Rumba, then Latin dancing is for you. If you’ve ever looked on in envy at an accomplished Samba dancer who looks as though they’re having the time of their life, you’ll be thrilled to find that with just a couple of dance classes, you’ll learn the basic steps.

Allow yourself to be whisked away into a whirlwind of colour, passion and energy. Latin dance has the power to lift your spirits and alleviate stress or anxiety.

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Ballroom Dancing

At Dance4Passion we have seen an increasing popularity with our classes in ballroom dancing. For special occasions such as corporate events and weddings, knowing the basics of ballroom dancing can really help you get involved! To learn more about the benefits of ballroom dancing, click here to read our article “Get Involved in Ballroom Dancing

For those in need of a confidence boost, dancing is the perfect remedy, as all shapes, sizes and capabilities are equal on the dance floor! If you’ve never danced before, that’s no problem at all – everyone has to start somewhere.



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