Glasgow Couper Institute 

84 – 86 Clarkston Rd , Cathcart , Glasgow , G44 3DA

Dance4Passion is a leading ballroom and Latin dance school in Glasgow. Located in the Couper Institute which refers to a historic building located in Glasgow, Scotland. The building is known for its architectural significance and has served various purposes throughout its history.

The Couper Institute was originally built as a public hall and reading room in the late 19th century, specifically in 1887. It was a gift from James Couper, a wealthy industrialist. The building’s design showcases Victorian architecture and features elements that were characteristic of the era.

The Couper institute is located in Cathcart a district located in the southern part of Glasgow, Scotland. It is part of the Greater metropolitan area and is situated about 3 miles (5 kilometers) south of the city center. Cathcart is a residential area with a mix of housing types, including traditional tenement buildings, suburban homes, and modern developments.

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Dance4Passion offers both ballroom and Latin dance classes in the local area for adults and Children . Group classes are a great way to meet new people, learn in a supportive environment, and have fun while improving your dance skills.