Frederico’s partner for Just Dance for Maggies on 2016 will be Claire Edmonds, who was involved in the organisation of the event in 2015.

This will be the 3rd year Frederico has taken to the dance floor and once again is extremely excited.

There is much to be done in the following 9 weeks, such as photoshoots, outfits, choice of dance, music and of course the choreography of the routine.

Week 1

Frederico and Claire found that they have much in common. They have many mutual friends including Strictlys newest male professional, Gorka Marquez. During the first meeting, Fred was impressed by how quick Claire picked up on the routine. Within 15 minutes she had already mastered the majority of the steps, although technique is something that needs a little work and Fred is very particular about the “T” Word. Obviously they will have all the help and advice from Freds partner, Nuno … it is after all a team effort.

Week 2

Claire and Frederico met for the 2nd practice session on Wednesday 7th September. They had a little chat about what they would like to wear, when and where future practice session will take place and all the hard work which will be involved. They were joined by Freds partner of 2015, Caroline Wardrope who was there to give her expertise, advice and encouragement.

Frederico spoke with Claire and advised that the key of a successful routine is the connection and friendship between the couple dancing. So, in true Frederico fashion … off they all went for a Chinese meal and a wee glass of wine.

Week 3

To be updated.

The Winner of Just Dance for Maggies 2015, Nuno Galante will be partnered by Pauline Waddell and they are both looking forward to repeating his success of the previous year.

Nuno was utterly shocked, stunned and overwhelmed on finding out who his dance partner would be. In actual fact, they know each other very well … Pauline attends dance4passions class in Falkirk and Nuno knows only too well how much energy Pauline has. She is a wacky, bubbly, extrovert who is full of nonsense. Nuno certainly has his work cut out trying to get Pauline to follow the routine. She is always happy to put that “little extra” input.

Unfortunately, what we failed to mention is that Pauline is a little “party animal and a bit of a jet setter”. Still on holiday at the moment, they have had NO time to practice at all.

We will certainly keep you posted as soon as she lands back on earth!!!